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  1. Self supplied Power Energy Generator (10MW/h)

    Aug 24, 21 08:20 AM

    ELECTRO GENERATOR+MECHANICAL GENERATOR The first invention is complete device (system) that produces electric energy, consuming a main power from an

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  2. The Trail Warden Ladder Stand Alarm Device

    Aug 24, 21 08:00 AM

    Patent Pending Since: 07/05/16 The Trail Warden is an alarm system that will prevent thieves from taking outdoor hunting products. Devices such as tree

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  3. High and Low Bass Subwoofer

    Aug 24, 21 07:55 AM

    This is high and low bass resolution sub woofer. The draft I have made shows the 10 inch sub woofer produces high bass sound sounds. The four 5 inch

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  4. The Discovery and Utilization of Relativity Energy --A Whole New Energy Source

    Aug 22, 21 07:10 PM

    The Discovery and Utilization of Relativity Energy --A Whole New Energy Source My theory and experiment are inspired by war battles in ancient times.

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  5. Backpack with Instant Canopy

    Aug 22, 21 07:03 PM

    This idea is a new kind of hiking backpack with a built-in instant canopy that extracts easily and retracts when not in use. It can protect user from

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