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Recent Articles

  1. Universal Power Tool - "workshop-in-a-bag"

    Feb 10, 20 03:22 PM

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product Name: Universal Power Tool Salient Features: This machine operates on Single Phase supply. It performs various operations

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  2. Baby Stroller

    Feb 09, 20 12:41 PM

    My design is a mostly plastic baby stroller that is a walker, ride-on, push toy, bassinet all-n-one

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  3. Innovative Juice Pack

    Feb 09, 20 12:37 PM

    Innovative packaging design for juices, that can provide new consumer experience and which triggers a positive emotion in consumer during beverage consumption.

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  4. Invisible Drone

    Feb 09, 20 12:31 PM

    The proposed device helps to reduce the visibility of the drone or aircraft by 90 percent. A very simple physical principle is used. The price of the

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  5. The Wine Parasol

    Feb 09, 20 12:27 PM

    1. Provides a cool Parasol for a Wine bottle 2. Can be used with empty bottles while drinking from another. 3. made customized for stylish designs 4. Can

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