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  1. easy-energy

    Nov 28, 21 05:42 PM

    my invention that i call easy-energy is a conductor of electricity throw the air to charge any cell-phone

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    Nov 28, 21 05:40 PM

    A portable food tray divider that can also be decorative at events where foid is being served. It can be disposable or be reused. Has a compartment that

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  3. Intelligent system alternative to anesthetic treatment of dental and medical procedures (Without the injection of any Anesthetic and Only using a special fixture For surgery and Dental surgery)

    Nov 28, 21 05:29 PM

    ** Specific objectives of the project: • Non-use of anesthetics in dentistry and in the next step for surgery of human organs • Measuring the actual

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  4. Shower super cooler appliance.

    Nov 28, 21 05:25 PM

    Its my pleasure to share you my new invention proposal , patent tips, its household water appliance work as supper cooler for (shower head, faucet), depend

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  5. Intelligent system for detecting tooth decay using piezo vibration and 100% accuracy

    Nov 25, 21 10:13 AM

    Always Special attention has been paid to the accurate diagnosis of dental caries in dentistry. To detect dental caries At the occlusal levels via The

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