Rol-A-Flex: Platinum Edition

by Malcolm Washington
(Lafayette, LA USA)

Hi My Name Is Malcolm Washington, I'm 19 Years Old And My Invention Is A New And Important Rol-A-Flex AB Belt Called Rol-A-Flex Platinum Edition,

It's A New Version Of The Original Rol-A-Flex From The 2000's. It's Not Electronic Like The Other Ab Belts Did In The Market But The Belt Have External Force Resistance To Put Resistance On The Ab Muscles.

The Belt Pad 6-Pack Design Is Correct In Place To Direct Resistance On The Upper, Middle And Lower ABS.

The Belt Keeps Your Stomach Flat As You Do Each Crunch And The Port-A-Flex Fits Around Your Waist And Every Time You Move In Your Life Your Using AB Muscles And It's Include In Your Rol-A-Flex Belt.

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