Outlet Extender

by Kristopher Bennett
(Williamson, Georgia, USA)

No. 18/513,875

No. 18/513,875

The outlet extender is a product that solves the problem of those hard to reach outlets that hide behind beds, China cabinets and furniture.

With the outlet extender you simply plug in to hard to reach outlet one time and then mount the new outlet to the wall in a ease of access location.

The cord comes in various lengths to satisfy desired location and without the costly electrician fees of relocating the outlet.

You can use those bulky, ugly extension cords that gather on the floor posing trip hazards and eye sores or you can even get a multi-port surge protector that is also bulky and hideous when mounted on the wall.

With the outlet extender you get all the capabilities of the extension cords and multi-port outlets in one sleek design that can be mounted to the wall permanently with screws or a temporary, less abrasive way with command strips.

The outlet extender can also be decorated with a designer wall plate of customers choosing. The style receptacles can be chosen at purchase like 2 standard outlets, USB port, USB-C port, etc.

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