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Greatest electronic device ever released to market

My device is compatible with music files and TV and internet, it is the best help for reaching perfection and rejuvenation, and prevent Alzheimer and senility.

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Catch-Me (a behavioral skills app)

screen visual

I’ve been in mental health for well over 25 years, and private practice since 2005. I would with teens and adults on telehealth and in-person doing individual

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High Definition Sound

I am an inventor. I received a patent for my latest invention. It is an audio device that increases the sound pressure level (SPL) of music. It's not

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Spritz Comb

Spritz Comb

The Spritz Comb is a handheld styling tool that would be used to dispense leave-in conditioner, and other products onto the hair evenly without the mess

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Ear Nobs

Ear Nobs

Dual volume knob headphones giving users more control and enabling more variety of sound to be heard simultaneously as would an ear allow. Special features

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