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Flush Away Pottie

A camping pottie that will be as easy, and convenient as using your bathroom at home. You will no longer have to take apart your pottie and take waste

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Reform Toilet

We have an invention and need help. The invention is a hygienic toilet providing washing/drying of the user. It is NOT simply a combination toilet/bidet.

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The Diaper Viper

My idea came to me when I was running my own health club that included childcare and I had to dispose of diapers on a regular basis. WE had a diaper

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AOG - The Whole Armour of GOD

AOG – Copyright: TXu1 716 731; 02/16/2010 AOG – An out of this world Game AOG – Awesomely Outstanding Game AOG – Answers of God in a Game AOG – Angels

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Bendable Tree

Fruit collection accounts for about half the price of production, whether by hand (most countries) or by machine. The manual collection is the norm in

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