Don't Dare Underwear

by John Stovall
(Columbus,Tx United States )

Don't Dare Underwear Drawing

Don't Dare Underwear Drawing

I created a new concept of the boxer briefs with the pocket. They are specifically designed to carry a condom.

Joining the fight against infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancies! They also come with their own unique tag that's detachable and can hold an extra condom if needed.

An added feature to make them more amazing and unique! Targeting our young adults bringing more awareness, responsibility, and healthier decision making !

I know there are similar briefs out there but they don't deliver the message mine are! Don't Dare go Unprepared with Don't Dare Underwear! They are patent pending and I have a web page for your viewing.

Just think, they are very marketable, cost effective, and will be so beneficial to so many people! And will be a great addition to help promote condom sales!

We need to bring more awareness to the public and what better way to do that? A great idea to have your protection on you not having to search for it or forgetting to bring it along. It'll be tucked away unnoticed and ready to use when you need it ! Thank you ! 

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