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Sense Aware

Sense Aware

Sense Aware represents the latest assistive technology project designed to improve safety and independence for the disabled.

At its core is the Arduino Nano microcontroller seamlessly integrated with complex components such as two ultrasound sensors, two buzzers, two vibration motors and a GPS module.

Expertly designed for a universal fit with an elastic band, this compact and wearable device is designed for use on the go, providing comfort and accessibility for users of all sizes.

The main purpose of Sense Aware is to detect obstacles in the user's path in real time using ultrasonic sensors.

By emitting ultrasonic waves, the sensor uses the principle of echolocation to calculate the distance to the object in front of it by measuring the return time of the wave.

This critical information is then disseminated through the sensitive hearing unit, where the buzzer frequency dynamically increases as the distance to the detected obstacle decreases.

This feature allows users to interpret distances and adjust their actions accordingly, creating a comprehensive and effective navigation aid.

In addition, Sense Aware includes a GPS module and allows the device to provide direct location tracking for users. This not only improves security, but also adds an additional layer of care, which allows caregivers or emergency services to locate and help users if needed.

The addition of two vibration motors serves as an additional vibration mechanism that enhances ambient awareness by allowing users to receive tactical feedback in accordance with auditory cues.

Sense Aware stands out as a versatile and intelligent solution by seamlessly integrating advanced technology into the wearable form factor.

Its universal fit, combined with sensors and feedback mechanisms, makes it a comprehensive tool for blind people who want to navigate their environment confidently and independently.

The project is committed to using technology for social impact, enabling people with visual impairments to engage with the world in ways that promote independence and safety.

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