Three Ways Industrial Product Design Can Help Sell Your Invention

Phone with great Design

Industrial product design is the art of creating products that are visually appealing and functional. By using design as a tool you can turn an ordinary product into a premium product that creates sales.

A great example of this is the way that Target has utilized industrial design in their store brands. Today Target has hundreds of products with stylish design. Products like toasters and spatulas that until up to a few years ago no one considered to be beautiful. They found out that consumers will pay more for products that stand out and are appealing.

A few of the ways that design can help your invention become a best seller are:

  1. Great design creates value for your invention and raises the price your customers are willing to pay. Everyone wants something that looks cool and they are willing to pay more to get it. Apple does a great job of this. Yes their products are easy to use but they are also well designed and beautiful. This allows them to charge far more than their competitors.
  2. Great design creates desire. Emotions have been proven to be the main factor for most purchasing decisions. By connecting with your customers emotionally first they are more likely to consider the other benefits of your invention. Creating desire always leads to higher sales.
  3. Great design creates excitement. When your product is exciting it will create buzz that makes it easier to gain new customers, investors or retailers. Creating buzz is the cheapest form of advertising. Many times it is free or greatly multiplies your other efforts.

By utilizing industrial product design you also attract more affluent customers who have the money to buy your product at an attractive price.

Many technical inventors may not immediately see the value in design. The best product developers know that benefits and price are not the only factors customers evaluate when making a purchasing decision. Be one of the inventors that succeed and use all of the tools that are available to you.

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