by Anthony Johnson
(Lagos, Nigeria)

ZIPREG is an online information details sheet. It is a voluntary aid to accessing information about any person that desires to provide access to another.


• calling an emergency number on the telephone (911, 112, etc) to report a fire, a robbery or any pervasive danger and having to give details of caller–name, address, tel number, etc–to the operator;

• a party of 6 traveling and obliged to give personal details—passport, etc to travel agencies for booking;

• having to fill visa and other forms which are time-consuming and can take over 30 minutes;

• submitting filled forms to immigration, customs, or security officials at border points;

• being required to fill any other questionnaire;

• Submission of the ZIPREG Code opens an instant display of the caller's personal contact details. A form given out for filling that could require information that could take up to 1 hour to fill will be transmitted by use of an easy and encoded prompt from a provider to the requester in seconds. Required information will be viewed or downloaded unto the requester’s browser presto. The ease of operation of the ZIPREG system of instant and effortless online access to required contact details makes this invention efficacious and eliminates errors inherent in transmitting information. This is exemplified in the ZIPREG Homepage.

Registration and access are FREE and this is an advertiser's gold mine comparable to Google, Facebook, etc.

Go to to read full details, register and utilise this invention.

INVENTOR: Anthony Johnson
PHONE: 2348028751566


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