Wilson Motor-Gen

by George Wilson
(Falls Church, VA 22042)

We all know that where there’s no electricity, there’s no civilization. There may be some people living out an existence, but they’re at the mercy of the elements. With electricity we have heat, air-conditioning, light, computers, etc.
We also have other energy sources, primarily from burning fossil fuel. Fossil fuel has the disadvantage of polluting the atmosphere when it is burned. It also needs to be delivered to the device that burns it. That’s why we don’t have energy in, say, the jungle, or inaccessible parts of the desert.
What if we had a source of electricity that needed NO outside fuel, NO accessibility problems, and most of all, NO COST! It would produce electricity absolutely free!

So why don’t we already have this? There’s a saying. “If you don’t think outside the box, when they throw the box away, they’ll throw you away with it.” Look how long it took Man to invent the light bulb. Before that, the printing press. This is an idea whose time has come.
I have invented such a device, and I have a Provisional Patent for it. Now I need to build a prototype. Phase I is going to require about $60,000. I say “about” because there’s always a hurdle that needs to be overcome. But it can be overcome.
If you would like to be a part of history, go to my website at http://myinvestor.weebly.com.
This will be available until I have funded Phase I.

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