Wheel Generator

by Tee Tze Qian

Wheel Generator

Wheel Generator

Hi, my name is Tee Tze Qian. I am a 15 years old teenager that lives in Malaysia.

I would like to introduce you to my idea of an environmentally friendly generator. It's call the Wheel Generator.

The wheel generator is a generator that uses a small amount of electricity and converts it into a bigger amount of electricity. The principle of the wheel generator is almost the same as a windmill that produces electricity with wind.

Inside the wheel generator, it has a big wheel with some water. Once the initial electricity is sent into the generator, the big wheel will start to spin. While the big wheel is spinning, it will spin with the water and it produces kinetic energy.

Therefore, there is a dynamo installed in the generator to convert the kinetic energy to electric energy. For example, we use 10% of the total electricity to spin the wheel generator and the generator will produce a larger amount of electricity than the 10%.

I hope my idea can help some poor family to save their electricity bills and also saving the environment.

Contact me at email: teetzeqian@gmail.com

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