What schooling or degrees would you recommend to have before starting an invention?

by Mark H
(Ann Arbor, MI)

How much schooling and or what kind or schooling/ or degrees should one have to start inventing if any at all?

Is it better just to get a loan and invest and devote a lot of time and money to develop your product?

Should one get degrees in the area they wish first? I personally am going into Automation/ Manufacturing, is this a good route to take to get started on inventing or should I be doing something else?


I don't believe that schooling or degrees will help you to make money from your invention. General business or marketing knowledge would be helpful but inventing is very specialized.

The best education is likely to come from some of the great books on inventing. These would include:
"How To License Your Million Dollar Idea"~Harvey Reese
"Will It Sell"~James E. White

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