by Hilton Ezra
(Encino 91316 CA CA)

This is a small bar for liquor. It is 25" high and 11" in diameter.

The bar is round in shape and it can be finished in a variety of designs and finishes. To open and close the bar you can either do this by remote power or there is a hand operated version.

There is a revolving carousel for four bottles and five glasses inside and LED lighting.

This bar is for the home, sports and advertising industries, especially the liquor industries. It can be used for any industry for promotional gifts and to advertise there product.

Any finish with any type of design or advertising can be applied to the bar ie the exterior and interior design.

I have a provisional patent on the bar.
I have an executive overview with pictures available.

My name is Hilton Ezra
Cell. 3107390447
Tel. 8185775319

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