Universal Power Tool - "workshop-in-a-bag"

by Sunil

Fabricating pre prototype

Fabricating pre prototype


Product Name: Universal Power Tool

Salient Features: This machine operates on Single Phase supply.

It performs various operations related to mechanical workshop. These operations are rotary and linear, listed as follows:

 Drilling
 Tapping
 Cutting
 Grinding
 Tightening
 Loosening
 Polishing

 Hammering
 Filing
 Hacksaw cutting
 Chiseling
 Nail fitting

Description: This machine is a portable workshop. The main unit that is motor, fits in an aluminium body with vertical holder, arm- rest and a horizontal holder.

The entire unit rests in a metallic bag along with different accessories and tooling for various operations. There are limits on diameter of drilling and tapping operations, depending upon the model of the machine (ranging from light duty to heavy duty models).

In hammering operation, simple adjustment controls the impact, which will be useful for denting work, with different types of hammerheads packed in the bag.

For tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts, there will be sets of box-spanners and different types of screw drivers.

Cutting and grinding operations in vertical and horizontal direction need just turning of the attachment.

Some optional equipments / accessories come along with the base machine. These are as follows:

• A specially designed attachment for guiding the tool exactly perpendicular to the surface (vertical/horizontal/any angle) for drilling, grinding, cutting, etc.

• A single-phase arc-welding unit.

This machine is very easy to handle by simply alternating the accessories as per desired operation.

Its compact nature, literally a “workshop in a bag”, enables the worker to work efficiently with all the varied operations easily accomplished by one single unit.

Proposal: A working prototype of the machine in fabricated form is available for demonstration and explanation. I am applying for patent for this product.

This is a sole proprietary invention and I wish to sell the design for production. There will be a MOU signed and contract binds me to take the product further to production stage, with all the necessary changes and cost cutting elements implemented after discussion with the buyer / investor.

The fabricated MS machine unit weighs approximately 8.5 Kg. However, the final aluminium model will weigh barely 3.5 to 4 Kg. There can be further reduction in weight by value engineering.

The entire bag with the machine and all accessories will weigh approximately 6 to 7 Kg and can be a trolley bag as well.

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