Underwater Dam

by majid
(bojnord,north khorasan,iran)

Underwater Dam

Underwater Dam

Underwater Dam

We have an empty cube underwater of sea and the water enters to the cube and rotates series of turbine and produces force. The force purifying water of the storage in other cube. Therefore we have an infinite underground water bed.

Risks & Challenges

1- If an earthquake happens, is it possible the system takes damage?
Very low, because water of the sea slows waves and therefore, the wave's impacts of earthquake pushes the system slowly.

2- If entire system has been destructed by earthquake, amount of damage in the system is larger than river dam systems or not? Absolutely river dams


1- What is the purpose of the system? Creating an infinite underground sweet water bed.

2- Is this system (infinite underground sweet water bed) guaranteed?

Yes, because produced power is continuously more than amount of purification of water.

3-how many of this system can be used in the beach? Infinite

With respect and thanks for your patient

1. This tech registered in Iran as a patent.

2. Because of the sanctions against on Iranian financial banks, when our financial and technical negotiations are done, please open a private account in western countries in the name of inventor of the invention (patent).

3. This patent is for sale.

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