Turing Smoothie Machine

by Alexandra Herrera
(Dallas, TX)

Turing Smoothie Machine

Turing Smoothie Machine

Turing Smoothies, LLC aims to provide customers with high-quality, fresh fruit smoothies from a contactless food automation platform that leverages robotics made on-demand.

The market for an organic way of life is growing, driven by consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable food options. Turing Smoothies, LLC will capitalize on this trend, providing customers with a careful selection of organic fruits and vegetables.

The smoothies will be customized to meet the lifestyle and taste preference of individual consumers.

The consumer will have the option to either select a smoothie recipe option or make their own smoothie based on the fruits/vegetables available in the machine for the season.

The machine will be connected to an IOT Software to be able to communicate with it through an App. The will notify me when the machines is low on inventory, a new purchase has been made or maintenance is required.

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