"The X-Tractor"

by Nadia S. Glasner
(Baxter, Tn. USA)

New Q-Tip Design

New Q-Tip Design

"The X-Tractor" a new and innovated concept for a new Q-Tip design. A (Two) multi-functional swab with an open hole concept.

This new type of swab will be more effective and safer to use than the normal swab that's on the market today. This swab will reach deeper into one's ears by scraping and scooping wax out for better cleaning and hygiene.

The example embodiment's presented herein meet the above identified needs by providing a (two) multi-functional personal hygiene swabs that includes (the first one) with one end of the swab having an oval looped shape with an open hole center and the other end of the swab tip having a singular, unified cotton swab pad connected by a stem.

This may be made of plastic or paper products and the swab tips may be constructed of cotton or other like synthetic materials. .

In (the second embodiment), the personal hygiene swab would include both ends of the swab tips having an oval looped shape with an open center and a stem connecting both these ends. (All the same size and length as a normal cotton swab) but, better designed.

This can be made both ways and packaged together.

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