The Wine Parasol

by Michael Muenchausen
(Gainesville, Florida)

Wine Parasol

Wine Parasol

1. Provides a cool Parasol for a Wine bottle
2. Can be used with empty bottles while drinking from another.
3. made customized for stylish designs
4. Can be used for parties or occasions.
5. Made with custom company logo
6. Compact, easy to use
7. Strong and Sturdy
8. Independent wine preserver
9. Comes in a selection of colors.
10. 2.0-2.5 feet diameter parasol
11. manually adjustable for any angle.
12. Can be used with wine chillers
13. The Parasol can be used when taking a walk on the beach
14. Lightweight bamboo structure
16. Can be spread out by a flick of the wrist. Or, slowly by hand. Connects hands free magnetically.
When using, (magnum sized bottles suggested) use for a parasol at your table with a wine bottle decor.

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