The versatile (20-in-1) Trans4mer portable fitness device

by Gary Shorter
(Lombard, IL USA)

The patented & patent-pending (20-in-1) Trans4mer(TM) gives you all the benefits of exercising with (20) individual pieces of popular hand-held fitness equipment, without all that equipment, expense or space requirements.

Trans4mer Model-10 (10 Lbs) easily changes into any of these (5) handle configurations of popular exercise equipment (no tools req'd):

1) Exercise ball - no handle
2) Kettle Bell - 1-handle
3) Medicine ball - 2-handles opposite
4) NEW Kettle Bell-2(TM) - 2-handles near each other
5) Dumbbell - 1-handle to the side

Plus, you have (4) increments of weights inside the device so you can easily select your weight resistance (2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10 Lbs), and its up -gradable too (+10 Lbs., etc.).

All self-contained portable (20-in-1) Trans4mer so you now have New Freedom to exercise any place, any time... you chose!

It's motivational too because it enables 100's of easy too perform "Non-Extreme" exercises to keep your fitness routine Fresh-n-Fun, never boring!

For example: Professional Trainers invented this Full Body exercise called the "Pass-Thru Figure-8" that exercises virtually every muscle in your body in just a few minutes, ideal for anyone with little time to exercise, this is for you!

Plus, you can upgrade your Trans4mer with our Tech Package to add an embedded Bluetooth BLE Accelerometer inside the device and our Mobile Tracking App so you can easily monitor your fitness progress and achievements.

The Trans4mer WalkMate(TM) Modele-3 (3 Lbs) is an entry-level device with the 2-handle Kettle Bell-2(TM) configuration that is ideal for walking because it can double your calorie burn in the same duration of time and pace.

Quality Made in the USA.

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