The Trail Warden Ladder Stand Alarm Device

by Derek Belgarde
(Rolla, ND, United States)

The Trail Warden Ladder Stand Alarm Device

The Trail Warden Ladder Stand Alarm Device

Patent Pending Since: 07/05/16

The Trail Warden is an alarm system that will prevent thieves from taking outdoor hunting products. Devices such as tree stands and trail cameras are very expensive so they are stolen often when left unattended.

This invention consists of two flexible and adjustable braided cables that are meant to hold objects in place and are securely fastened together with a detachable buckle. The buckle has a built-in alarm system, remote control, digital camera, camera flash, memory card, and magnetic sensors.

In the event that the buckle and magnetic sensors are separated, the alarm will activate and sound off immediately. Placing the buckle back together will not shut the alarm system off.

The alarm system will only shut off with the remote control present. There is a release button also on the alarm system that allows the buckle to detach. Upon pressing the release button, the digital camera will activate.

Anyone pressing the button will take an instant photograph of themselves prior to separating the buckle, which will then store the photograph in the internal memory card. This will help identify anyone tampering with the device before the alarm system is activated.

The Trail Warden is waterproof and will be able to withstand very harsh weather conditions. The alarm invention gives people great peace of mind knowing their hunting equipment is safe while they are away and not able to use it.

“Creating The Trail Warden was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” says inventor Derek B. “ It’s nice to know that I can leave my personal property on any given day and when I return to use it, it’s still securely fastened in the exact place that I left it.

No more theft and no more worries. If there was ever a product that I’ve believed in, this is it!”

The Trail Warden is an alarm invention that helps prevent equipment such as tree stands and cameras from being stolen.

Top Benefits
1. Peace of Mind. Knowing that each and every time you leave your Hunting Stand in the trees, it’s in good hands with “The Trail Warden”.

2. Having an extremely loud alarm system can raise the chances of successfully deterring a potential thief who is trying to steal your personal property.

3. Not only does “The Trail Warden” act as a security alarm, but it can also be used to stabilize your hunting ladder stand securely to the tree that you choose to mount it on.

4. No more disappointment of returning to your tree stand in hopes of enjoying a fun and successful day of hunting only to find your ladder stand has been taken by a thief before you’ve arrived.

5. “The Trail Warden” will make any potential thief think twice about taking your tree stand without thinking that someone else in the area may hear the extremely loud alarm system and they may have the chance of being caught and possibly arrested.

6. “The Trail Warden” is made from virtually indestructible metal and cables that cannot be crushed, nor cut, and are nearly impossible to remove unless being attempted by the rightful owner with a few simple steps.

7. The alarm device is extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry, pack, and travel with. Weighing 2lbs or less, “The Trail Warden” will be nearly unnoticeable when being carried through the trees and brush by the owner of the device.

8. “The Trail Warden” can withstand the harshest of extreme weather. Cold temperatures, snow, rain, wind, and heat are no match for “The Trail Warden” and its outdoor durability.

9. With nearly 50 decibels of sound coming from the alarm, “The Trail Warden” will be able to be easily heard from miles away, alerting nearby hunters and authorities from afar and bringing curiosity to those who may want to see if an emergency is at hand.

10. FINALLY!!! Nobody in their right mind and with any common sense is going to want to walk out of the trees with your ladder stand in hand while the alarm system is sounding off because they were unable to successfully deactivate, destroy, or shut off the device. Chances are potential thieves will become frustrated, afraid, and leave as quickly as possible before they’re apprehended by a game warden or worse!!

What it Does

- The Alarm System will stop thieves from stealing outdoor hunting products like Tree Stands and Trail/Game Cameras.

- The Alarm is built into a detachable buckle which is activated when magnetic sensors are separated.

- It requires a remote control to deactivate the alarm before separating the magnetic sensors and removing the product from its purposely placed location.

- Placing the buckle and sensors back together will not shut off the alarm once they are detached. The sensors must be placed together and deactivated by the remote control before the alarm system will completely shut down.

- The alarm system will not sound off if the proper owner deactivates the device with the remote control prior to the separation of the buckle and magnetic sensors.

- The buckle shall be made of steel and the strap should be made of thick braided cable to prevent any type of damage.

- The Alarm device will require an Allen wrench or a metric tool to remove the batteries and wire strap other than a standard screwdriver.

- The Alarm Device and Buckle will withstand the worst of all extreme weather. (cold, rain, wind, heat, and humidity)
- The alarm device is waterproof.

- The alarm device will be made of strong durable steel made to protect the internal system from any type of misuse or abuse that may occur.

- The Alarm Device shall have a digital camera, flash for the camera, and memory card to help identify anyone trying to unlock the device.

Also use “The Trail Warden” Ladder Stand Alarm Device to protect personal property that may be outdoors in your yard such as ATV’s, Utility Trailers, Bicycles, Boats, Patio Furniture, Grills, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, Etc….

The Trail Warden can attach to nearly anything so it’s versatility is endless!

Contact Information

Derek Belgarde
PO Box 304
Rolla, ND 58367

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