The Stretch Loop - Patented Portable Leg Stretcher

by Mario Tardif
(Kelowna, BC Canada)

The Stretch Loop

The Stretch Loop

The Stretch Loop TM is a device intended to improve and facilitate the stretching process often performed by athletes in preparation for a sport or physical activity.

It can also be used by any individual who likes to stretch just for the benefit of increasing his/her flexibility and release stress.

It comes with a program of 8 different stretches for each leg, which will loosen and stretch all of the muscles and tendons found in the lower body including the thighs (all around), hamstring, calves, buttocks, hips, feet, and even parts of the back.

Compact and portable, it fits in a cereal box. A special door casing bracket comes with the stretch kit for quick and easy installation on any standard door way without screws or hooks.

It is a great device that really does give a complete stretch. If you look at what is on the market today as far as stretchers, you will quickly find that there is no other device that does what this device can do, all at a fraction of the cost of other bulky devices that only perform one stretch.


Enables you to do at least eight different stretches each leg.

Safer and more controllable than floor stretches.

Your hands hold only a fraction of the weight of your leg while stretching.

Standing position helps breath with more ease while stretching which in turn increases oxygen intake for a better results.

Increases leg performance after stretching.

May prevent over extension injuries.

This stretcher will improve your balance with time and use.

It only takes a few minutes to go through the stretches.

This stretching kit is compact and portable. Take it anywhere.

Casing bracket will fit most door jambs.

Tough and durable, this stretcher is made to last.

Price is a small fraction of other bulky stretching devices.

After going through the stretches, your lower body will feel loose and ready for action.

Great for not only flexibility but also great to releasing stress.

Available for licensing.

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