The Neuter Strap

by Winnie Sanders
(Long Beach NY)

The diagram of my neuter strap..

The diagram of my neuter strap..

The Neuter Strap it comes in 3 different sizes small,medium,large for Female Dogs,For Female Cats one size fit all "Medium". its washable they also can wear it indoors and outdoors.

The reason why i came up with the idea to invent this product Neuter Strap is because the cost to spay and neuter a pet maybe to high for some people.

With this invention pet owners will also have the choice to breed their pet at their convenience this would also cut down on vet bills for neutering.

I need help for someone to invest and help me to create and manufacture my new product to put on the market it would help to commercialize it.

The price for this product will be affordable for pet owners and for dogs the 3 size prices will be for Small dogs $5 for Medium dogs $10 and for large dogs $25 no taxes.

For cats it will be $10 since most cats are the same size in length.

This product is unique because its a stretchable material product & it also has an attachment for a leash. It also comes in a variety of colors its also adjustable.

This product can be sold in stores such as:pet stores,grosseries stores,department stores,convenient stores,drug stores, almost anywhere.

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