The Leaper

by Sean Morgan
(New Albany Indiana United States )

Summary of Leaper
• Helps Leg Muscle
• Helps With Foot Work
• Foot Speed
• Great Lower And Upper Leg Strength
• Helps With Knee Surgeries
• Great Leg Workout.

Leaper Material
• Bungee Cords
• Waist Belt
• 12x12x4 Wooden platform

Conclusion of Leaper
I used it back in high school after I tore my meniscus in my right knee. Instead of just doing physical therapy and missing half of the season of basketball my Freshman Year of high school.

I came up with the leaper. The waist belt helps the bungee cords to stay in place around you as you jump. The bungee cords help resist you from jumping high.

I jumped on the leaper for 30 mins twice a day. I did this for a month and half. And my knee was 100 percent. I only missed 6 basketball games.

I felt quicker off the dribble and my legs didn’t get tired as fast. And I could jump a little higher.

I liked the results so I did it for the whole summer that following year and my basketball game improved a lot. Especially my foot work and foot speed off the dribble.

When I saw Derek Rose Tore his meniscus twice along with ACL and then Kawhi Leonard with his right quadriceps injury I knew that the leaper would and could help athletes with leg injuries and help them stay in shape and not miss a beat when they got back on the court and they would miss half the season or less just depends on the situation.

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