by Daniel Leblanc
(Minnedosa Manitoba Canada)



In the welding industry there is one area that remains extremely hazardous; spark containment. # 1 being oil and gas industry and this is one of so many that require ongoing maintenance.

To many to get into here. I am introducing a revolutionary safety device to our industry pertaining to arc gouging.

The Arc Gouging Box contains the violent nature of arc gouging and the hazards surrounding it. You simply place it over any work surface that is to be gouged and proceed to perform your work in a controlled environment.

Till now the only defense for this type of work is personal protective clothing and extreme precautions put in place to the surrounding area.

Another is a full size room specifically designed for ark gouging that the work must be transported to as seen below in an attachment. There is nothing on the market that is this effective and portable to date that can be utilized on any job site.

Upon completion of the video and working prototype I approached many of my coworkers, including safety heads and supervision and the response has been overwhelming positive.

The unit presented is a concept model only to show its practicality and versatility. Let me briefly tell you the story of how I came to develop The Arc Gouging Box concept.

I have been a Journeyman Ironworker with The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers for the past 32 years.

While working in the Alberta oil sands for the past ten years on maintenance, at our weekly safety meetings as well as on the job, the ongoing issue is repeatedly stressed; the dire need for a safer solution to perform this task, to no avail.

Until now! While on fire watch, as my partner was gouging and continuously twitching and stopping due to repeatedly being burnt from hot slag the solution became obvious, a portable containment device with constant air flow to control the hazard.

After reviewing the video ( I have attached a link to) you will note the benefits to both the front end user as well as the environment by best protecting the worker while maintaining health and safety; including efficiency, productivity, quality and work zone cleanliness.

I have “Patent Pending” status both in The United States and Canada and International. I am looking for feedback and possibly a manufacturer.


Below is a link to my videos

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