by Rick
(Denver USA)

"THE DUDES SUPER SWIRL N' SKATER PLUS" is a radical new indoor/outdoor action sports product for kids, teenagers and adults too! It is an entirely new twist to roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding and snowboarding.

ALL IN ONE FUN RADICAL PRODUCT! PATENT PENDING PROTECTED design by a 'real' Rocket Scientist! Multi-Features rad skating fun on sidewalks, backyards, parks, playgrounds, trails, etc. AND also fun/competition ride on the Snow Too -NO Hills Needed!

SAFE fun for everyone! Lightweight, durable, inexpensive to manufacture and easy to demonstrate in videos and in graphic motion on "The Dudes Super Swirl N' Skater Plus" box package!

A novel, fun, space-age impulse health exercise product via mass merchandisers, catalog sales, internet sales, sporting goods stores sales, roller skating rink {RSR} owners, sales to buyers of school athletic equipment and other sales avenues including FRANCHISE opportunities to the BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS and City Sports Commissioners as a radical fun "Dudes Super Swirl N' Skater Plus BumpTAG Game!"

Exclusive licensing rights available to a reputable manufacturer OR marketing entrepreneur with the proper qualifications.

E-Mail with qualifications to: rocketscientist43@hotmail.com


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