by Rajev Naik
(Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, INDIA)

Torque Comparison

Torque Comparison

All IC Engines produce torque in SINE WAVE. The co sine components of forces acting on piston are wasted as heat, noise & vibrations. This is so right since IC Engine invention. No one else has so far EVEN POINTED IT OUT.

I have done extensive research on this aspect & have invented the TEJJ Constant Torque IC Engine which eliminates all co sine component losses.

It is Patent pending in India. It offers the following major advantages:

1. Maximum possible continuous torque (for 4 cylinder engine) like an electric motor.
2. Smoother, cooler & quieter engine.
3. Work done per power stroke increases by 55% compared to similar sized exiting engines.
4. Considerable fuel savings.
5. Improvement in power & pick up.
6. Reduction of green house gases.
7. Existing 2nd, 3rd, 4th &5th gear ratios can be used for 1st to 4th gear in vehicles with TEJJ IC Engine. 5th gear over drive ratio can be suitably increased.

Detailed advantages with graphics are available at:


I need some institutional or manufacturer support for developing the idea further. It can really bring PARADIGM SHIFT TO AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY.

I here by invite you to please come forward & help me in this endeavor with your resources. Based on mutually agreeable terms & conditions, together we can bring about this paradigm shift in the way IC Engines are made.

I am enclosing a letter to manufacturers in which maximum possible details about constructional features of said invention are mentioned except some confidential information which will be revealed to only those who make a suitable agreement with me.

Thanking you & with regards.
Yours sincerely
--Rajev Naik
Sipat, Bilaspur, CG, INDIA
Mo.: +919424140739

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