Super technology intelligent transport

by M A Majid
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Super low-cost flying car

Dear Sir /Madam

Very glad to inform you that we could manufacture the very cheapest flying car which could fly and land anyplace including the top of your building, anywhere in the road, no need airport for flying and landing )

The cost of a new flying car in U S Dollars $12000.00 to 15000.00. Spending only US 5.00 Dollars three persons could fly about 1500 miles.

Road block traffic jam broken bridge no problem. Very very low sound, very light car, no smoke, does not need gasoline or solar energy, Good for the environment. Good protection and navigation.

Super security protection for aircraft and all kinds of vehicles. By using this there will be no more hijacking, stealing air craft and vehicles, and all wanted people will be caught/ arrest by police without a sound or signal. If door is open and key is inside, no one could handle or move singles inch except owner.

Requested to contact
Super technology intelligent transport robotic security system.

Mohammed A Majid (Inventor)
Atlanta ,Georgia.USA

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