Super Technology Intelligent Transport Robotic Security System

by M A Majid

I am pleased to inform you that now we are 100% prepared to make international pattern and international registration for our inventions. So you will be requested to help us with our inventions. Please let us inform a rough idea about how much money to be needed for the bellow stated inventions by next letter.


We have several inventions. Our first invention is a flying car. If you want to go somewhere with your car, then you have to spend lots of money to pay for gas and others bills, also need lots of time to reach your destination. But flying car does not need it, and you will not spend a single Penny to reach your destination and will reach very quicker then driving. No smoke no sound no need gas fuel, electricity, solar system, battery, nothing you need to fly in the sky.

Five persons can fly from anywhere and land too. But not in the water. You could fly as long as you want by your car. Road block does not create a problem.


Our Intelligent transport robotic security system is a really fantastic invention too. By using this technology, no more stealing airplane, aircraft and all kinds of vehicles, and terrorist, hijackers will be in big problem and they will be caught easily.

If they have weapons and they could not hurt anybody, only they could shoot on their own foot- that's all. So you could say their time is gone. By using our technology all Kinds of transportation's will be 100% safe from UN wanted.

If you leave your doors open and leave your keys inside you have no need to ask some body to look your car. Your car will take care of itself. I will let you know all other description about our invention next letter.

Thank you in advance for an early cooperation.

Kinds Regards
Dhaka Bangladesh
Phone 011 88 02 9871087

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