Sshhnap-it Cap

by Kelly
(Sanford, Maine USA)

Here is my official public statement announcing my new 'Ssshhh...Snap' it cap. For those who prefer to drink from a can. Simply clip it on to the top of your alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage can to prevent the inevitable, "nose scrape", lip chafe, etc.!

Offering several fabulous scents, as well as, unscented (perfume and dye free) to choose from! No more nose, lip or facial scratches or scrapes from the tin top! Nobody will ever know your mouth regularly connects with a more explaining the random facial quandaries>>>

The re-usable cushion also keeps dust, bugs, etc. out of your beverage easily with the reverse funnel design.

In your choice of colors and scents, (or for those with sensitive skin, perfume/dye free, latex free).

Dishwasher safe, attaches to key ring when not in use.

A personal and refillable sized sanitizer (which also doubles as or attaches to, a key chain) can be added for free! Just pay separate S&H costs.

This added bonus is included for immediate use of the sshhnap-it cap practically anywhere…on the go, traveling, working, exercising or even to share with a friend or family member!

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