Social Media Mirror Called "Dreamz Mirror"

by Adrian Richard
(Dallas, Texas)


My name is Adrian Richard better known as Blak Beauti. I am the inventor of Dreamz Mirror. Dreamz mirror is a new social media mirror that takes selfie and make videos without holding the device.

The coolest part about this mirror is that you can take pictures and make videos with others without being in the same location.

All you have to do is send the person you want to take a picture with a request through the Dreamz app. Once that person accept, you guys will be in each other mirror!

I have designed a premium plan where fans can take pictures with their favorite celebrity. The celebrity will get 30% of the royalties from each person, who pays for their profile.

I am looking to pitch my ideal/ invention to celebrities or investors and hoping they will invest or partner with me. The investment is used to help finance the software and manufacture of this AWESOME mirror.

Below you will see my pitch and a virtual brochure. I am working with a company to make a protype and order for you guys can see everything this mirror can do. Please feel free to contact me if you guys are interested.

• This is not a business “YET”. I am the inventor and looking for investment to help get my mirror made.

• SIMILAR to the exercise mirror.


You have heard of the exercise mirror! This is my new invention, the social media mirror!! Called Dreamz***

Going through this pandemic has been challenging for us all. I have created a mirror to keep you in touch with family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

This mirror gives you the ability to take pictures and make videos with others without being at the same location! Yes, they will appear in your mirror just like you will appear in theirs.

You will be able to take pictures and videos with filters ability. When finished, you guys can be side by side in the picture or in the video without no one knowing that you guys were at separate locations.

Then you can post your picture or video to SOCIAL MEDIA!! I even thought about a premium plan where celebrities can take pictures with fans.

I am no longer affiliated with Invent help, I have been financing my mirror on my own and now I am looking for an investor that can help me pay for development software and manufacture. I am trying to raise $1m dollars, but I welcome any amount.



contact number 469-264-1404

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