by Nicolle Clark

Smart Key for Bartenders

Smart Key for Bartenders

Smart Key offers a discreet and convenient way for new and seasoned bartenders to look up drink and shot recipes, as well as store special photos, a copy of their work schedule, a venue's entertainment schedule, taxi numbers, bar jokes, drink specials of the day, and more.

This innovative product may comprise a bottle opener, made of stainless steel covered in black rubber or other suitable material.

There can be cutout transparent windows on either side of the bottle opener to insert a stack of drink or shot recipe flashcards or other cards.

A small, hinged door with a tight, waterproof seal on the thin side of the bottle opener can swing open to insert the flashcards.

The flashcards can be blank and laminated, allowing users to write down recipes, make notes, and then wipe clean for a different recipe or note.

Further, along the thin sides of the bottle opener can be notches to measure out 1.5 ounces and 3 ounces when held up to standard shot glasses.

The bottle opener may also include a company's design or logo for promotional materials.

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