Smallest Gear of Ball Mill or Rod Mill

by Hary Setiawan
(Surabaya East Java Indonesia)

Dear Angel Investors,

Most ball mill, rod mill even SAG/semi-autogenous grinding use big gear as size of it diameter, I use only small gear to rotating ball mill or rod mill.

I made 2 unit rod mill spec diameter 1,2 meter x L 1 meter, only use very small gear diameter 25-30 cms, this is true invention this century, even big player rod mill & ball mill producer never ever think about this idea.

It very efficient, less expensive & very strong, last but not least it much more save energy consumption.

Sincerely yours,

Hary Setiawan
Action Mining Services Indonesia
Pantai Mentari TH 08, Kenjeran 60123
Surabaya - Indonesia
Cell phone : + 6281213064569

Note : I can send the rod mill gear pics to whom who interesting to see it via email or BB

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