Sleeve-Grip Applications

by Wes Warriner
(Miami, FL, 33155)

My name is Wes Warriner. I'm a am writing to you to present my patent-pending wrist-pain reducing technology in attempt to discuss possible licensing and/or startup funding if the attached documents, pics, etc; seem to pique your curiosity.

Let me discuss a little about myself and a bit of what I'm working on. I studied Physics in college with 16 years of athletic experience in Olympic/Power weightlifting, track, football, and wrestling.

This mechanical technology has many fields of use in many industries including medical devices, health & fitness, lawn/garden equipment, bicycles, luggage bags, briefcases, and a few others. My method reduces/minimizes wrist pain/strain while maximizing stabilizer muscles growth in forearms, wrists, and elbows due to the swivel-like maneuvering "hand bearing" that transfers energy more efficiently without changing what you're doing.

The idea/concept is extremely simple and cheap to make with highly potential profits because the benefits to the consumer are therapeutic as it bridges the gap between two systems, the hand and component being gripped.

This method has patent-pending various areas to be used in for work/activity/task/etc. I believe investors would benefit greatly financially because there are many markets of financial profit while cost to produce is very low using plastic or other material like it.
Anyways, thank you for taking time to read this and hope you enjoy looking through my work.

If you like what is being presented to you and would like to discuss more, feel free to reach me via email or cell phone to setup a meeting or phone discussion. Thank you, again. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wes Warriner

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