"Single-use 100% Cotton Gauze Grocery Bag"

by Violeta Bojaxhi
(Columbia MD )

Single-use 100% Cotton Gauze Grocery Bag

Single-use 100% Cotton Gauze Grocery Bag

Patent: US Serial No. 62/814,074
Go Cotton***Save the Planet

This invention will replace All "single-use plastic grocery bag" at the checkout point in Food markets.

"Single-use 100% Cotton Gauze Grocery Bag" weights 0.07 oz and it will cost $0.10 to $0.15

By using 100% cotton gauze that is one of the lightest materials produced in the world, the weight of ""The single-use 100% cotton grocery bag" will be comparable to the existing "traditional plastic grocery bags" not only in weight but also in price.

Materials used on my invention for "single-use 100% cotton grocery bag" include but not limited to the following lightest loose woven 100% cotton fabrics that are in today's market:

1-100% Pure Natural Cotton Cheesecloth, a loose-woven gauze used on Cheesemaking industry

2- Kitchen Cotton Cheese Cloth bleached/unbleached used for cleaning, polishing, kitchen cleaning, Automobile Cleaning, Wood furniture cleaning and for any type of surface cleaning
3-100% cotton absorbent medical bleached gauze

4-Mutton Cloth 100% Genuine Cotton for Meat Packing industry and as a versatile cleaning and polishing cloth with many uses


1 My invention will have two primary functions:

a) The 100%cotton gauze bag will be used to replace the plastic grocery bag due to its eco-friendly properties.

b) After its use as a grocery bag, it is not necessary that it be disposed of. Instead, it can be reused many times as a cleaning cloth or paper-towel replacement for all suitable surfaces in the house/office/shop/etc. due to its water absorption properties. A further consideration is that reusing the single-use 100% cotton grocery bag as a cleaning cloth will save money and drastically reduce the use of paper towels which leads to a beneficial effect on the environment by reducing the use of trees for paper. (Photo 9)

2 My invention will not only replace the traditional plastic grocery bags, which are harmful to the environment but will also improve all existing non-plastic grocery bags that are thicker and heavier, thus preserving natural resources by using fewer of them. Its weight also grants further environmental benefits since less fuel will be required for its transportation and distribution.

3 The single-use 100% cotton grocery bag also helps reduce the hygiene issues that arise from "the reusable grocery bags" which can become dirty with time and are brought into food selling establishments, thus heightening the danger spreading of food-borne illness.

4 The single-use 100% cotton grocery bag can easily be fitted onto existing traditional plastic grocery bag hooks at supermarkets allowing for quick and cost less transition

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