Scentimals, Scented Plush Animals

by Susan Jones
(Reno, NV)



I've always had a love for anything scented. Several years ago, I purchased a wax dipped bear and then this past year, I purchased dolls that sat on on a swing and they too were wax dipped. I enjoyed the scent but found the wax dipping left a wax residue on the plush and dolls that felt really grimy and stiff. The wax coating also collected dust badly.

I began working on an invention that would allow me to create a scented polyester fiber filling. This process scents the plush animals from the inside out, leaving the outside furry and cuddly and touchable by children. It is safe to cuddle and play with them and not worry about the wax residue. They also make great room air fresheners and car air fresheners. I was able to trademark the name Scentimals and have a "patent pending" status for the process of making scented polyester fiber filling. Each bit of my supplies are purchased in very small increments on every pay day.

I am a mother, a wife of a disabled veteran, a full time student, and an inspiring business owner/entrepreuner. I have a product that literally does not exist elsewhere and would like to be able to purchase all of the supplies I need in order to have a large inventory of plush animal skins. I simply can not afford to keep making these crafts without proper funding.

All funds I raise would help me to offer a larger variety of scents and animal styles. Business means nothing without the "happiness" behind it and when I make a Scentimal for a neighbor child or a child in the family and I see the excitement and happiness it brings them, it only makes me want this more. Kids, and adults alike, absolutely love these scented animals.

Scentimals can be easily re-scented with my custom made refresher spray.

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