Safe Crate

by Ralph Hagen
(Tabernacle N.J. U.S.)

   Safe Crate comes with two devices

Device 1)

Smoke/Fire and carbon Monoxide detector equipped with Bluetooth a peel and stick backing for mounting purposes or a small eye at the top for it to be screwed or a hook to hook to cage.

It is powered by a standard 9 volt replaceable battery. This is just a detector and there is not a sounding alarm on this device.  

Device 2)  

The 12 volt lock solenoid box is also equipped with Bluetooth, two switches one to open/close the door, two to kill communication between the detector and the blue tooth receiver in the lock solenoid box, and a 12 volt rechargeable battery for a power source that is tapped into a 12 volt relay that is wired to a 12 volt lock solenoid.

When the detector  detects smoke/fire and or carbon monoxide, it will send a signal via Bluetooth to the Bluetooth receiver located in the lock solenoid box which will then trip the 12 volt relay and close the circuit to send power to the 12 volt lock solenoid to open.

This frees the crate door to open automatically by a spring that is simply placed on the door hinge side to make the door have just enough spring in it to open on its own freeing the animal…

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