Rug System

by Jelena Lovric

top view diagram illustrating various possible shapes for the pad

top view diagram illustrating various possible shapes for the pad

Rug system that imitates a real rug but it's much easier to keep clean since it's machine washable.

The present invention proposes a rug system that is made out of two parts. The first part is a base which is a pad either made out of some kind of soft rubber orsoft plastic or silicone rubber, and the second part is a detachable cover.

The latex backing and
elastic edge allow the cover to fit the base and keep it securely in place. The cover is removable and machine washable.

Problem it solves:
Rugs, regardless of their type, need to be kept clean if not for the aesthetic reasons than for the health related ones. Rugs that aren't cleaned regularly can cause heath problems.

Some of the health problems that have been long associated with dirty rugs are asthma, allergies and respiratory inflammation. Dirty and damp rugs can house mold, dust mites and mycotoxins.

There are many different methods for rug cleaning. Some of them include vacuum cleaners,
steam cleaners and chemical cleaners like dry shampoos.

Each of these methods has its deficits. Some will get rid off dust but leave stains, some will leave the rug damp or have a tendency to leave a chemical residue on the rug. Some of these methods are simply too expensive or time consuming.

Bathroom rugs can be washed in a washing machine but only on a gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergents, which doesn't solve the problem of germs. Even if the care instructions are followed machine washing can cause the deteriorating of the rubber backing for the bathroom rugs that have that kind of backing.

Bits of broken rubber backing can clog washing machines and the dryer can melt the rubber backing or cause it to dry and crack.

There are bathroom rugs without the rubber backing that can be easily washed, but they are a major cause of slips and falls in the home, since the lack of any backing makes them extremely slippery.

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