RedFlag PL

by Paul George
(Las Vegas )

As a High School English teacher I'm tired of reading term papers and essays that I know are plagiarized yet am unable to prove it without spending hours inputting papers in online plagiarism programs(most of which cost a fee).

My idea is for someone to design an app (similar to that of an app that scans bar codes) that can scan an essay and because it's linked to hundreds of databases on the internet can quickly determine and identify the specific sections of the essay that has been plagiarized.

As stated before, there are online programs, but they don't identify specific sections that have been plagiarized, neglect to provide possible matches/leads where the information may have been obtained if there is not an exact match and all the programs I have seen are online and cost a fee every time you use it.

The App I propose will have a one time fee, perhaps a discount for educators. I haven't seen an App in the Market.

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