Preminum-Fast-Acting Car Care Product

by Richard Mahan
(Blaine, TN USA)

We have Developed a Revolutionary, Innovative series of Premium-Fast-Easy Car Care Products.

Celebrities, like Jay Leno, have proudly used this Car Care product on their collections of Automobiles for years.

Auto Dealers, Auto detailers, High End Boat dealers and many Boat Racers will only use this product on their Boats because of its ability to keep their Boats and Automobiles looking nice!

Other users of this Car Care product include NFL football teams like Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and many other teams have been using the product for many years. The product keeps their Helmets looking great despite all of the beating they take in a game.

Wal-Mart has seen the product and they are ready to place a multi-million dollar order after our National Branding TV Infomercial rolls out! We have a completed and successfully tested 30 minute Deluxe Infomercial created by HSN (Home Shopping Network) that we are ready to begin showing. Everything is done and the infomercial will be on the air within 4 weeks after funding.

We need $250,000 to purchase initial TV Air time to begin this National Branding Program. The potential sales within one year we believe will exceed $50 million. For the $250,000 investment, we are willing to give 10% of our stock!

If you would like to invest and participate in this endeavor, please call Richard Mahan at 863-451-2168 or E-mail at:

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