Pet Hydration Drops

by Susan Lapinski
(South Hadley, MA USA)

Pet Hydration Drops

Pet Hydration Drops

Pet Hydration Drops is a small bottle of concentrated flavor that can be added to pets’ water bowls to attract animals and promote hydration, well-being, and peace of mind.

Purpose & Benefits
Entices pets to consume more water and remain hydrated, perfect for house training puppies.

Encourages sick pets to drink fluids.

Prevents animals from becoming sick when spending time outside or away from home.

Provides pet owners with comfort and peace of mind to know animals are comfortable and hydrated.

Saves owners’ time waiting for pets to drink water before leaving for work, crating, and the like.

Ensures pets are constantly drinking water in hot weather or working/playing in the hot sun.

Problems Solved
Pets can become overwhelmed when traveling or spending time outdoors and may refuse to drink water, which can make the animals sick and cause pet owners to worry and stress. Some pet owners may try to coax their pets to the water bowl by snapping their fingers or speaking in a soft tone, but this can be time consuming and highly frustrating. Likewise, it can be nearly impossible for pet owners to force their pets to drink fluids, especially when they’re sick and need water the most. Without proper nourishment and hydration, pets may not recover as quickly.

Description & Features
Woof Water Drops provides a safe and tasty way for pet owners to encourage their pets to drink more water. This innovative product may comprise a small squeezable, portable bottle, made from plastic or other suitable material. The bottle is filled with concentrated flavors, like beef, bacon, chicken, cheese, duck, and more. The flavors can be made from natural, organic ingredients to ensure their safety for pets. Further, the bottle can have a permanently attached flip cap that can be removed with the flick of the thumb. The front of the bottle can include a picture representative of the flavor. In use, pet owners can squirt a few water drops into a bowl of water. The water droplets can quickly diffuse throughout the water and attract pets. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

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