Pain Relieving Vests Ergonomically Designed

by Marvin Harding
(Rosedale, Md. USA)

Specifically designed for any work station and the way the upper body moves everyday at work.

Whether sitting, standing, bending, twisting and turning, repetitive movement. The technology will help in solving the problem with upper body pain relief while working in particular, but can be used at home, and for sports.

Compression garments are becoming more popular in the medical sector as shown in the link below:

Individuals can work comfortably without back and shoulder pain at a desk, driving a vehicle, lifting, construction, in a factory, etc.

The invention can consist of a vest design and vest with short sleeve design!

I came up with this idea for the Pain Relieving Vest from working everyday and suffering from chronic pain for sometime. I wore different devices from a back brace, shoulder support, upper body wraps, and arm support devices to provide pain relief. So I thought why not create something in one piece instead of wearing all those different devices and created the Pain Relieving Vests.

The vest can be used to prevent injuries, people will be able to work more comfortably without pain in the upper body section, be more productive and living healthier lives. IT CAN BE USED WORLDWIDE WITH THE RIGHT MARKETING!!!

Ergonomically designed and they work much better than adjustable desk for sitting and standing as well as ergonomic chairs, etc.

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Aug 23, 2021
Body massage NEW
by: Anonymous

Does the vest has rechargeable battery body massager ..

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