by Tom Davis
(Orient, Ohio)

Medical Devise for Patient Safety and Mobility.

We have created a product that gives patients peace of mind knowing they can travel in their homes or in nursing facilities without tripping, kinking, hanging the oxygen tubing on their curtain, rolling it up on the floor for others and them to trip over.

Our product has the ability to say good-bye to those hazards. Our product can be used in a variety places its mobile and can be attached to most railing and table surfaces and rotates 360 degrees.

We are patented, with patent number US 8,578,960 B2 We also own a Trademark with the Idenity of CREATIVE LIFE LINE. We have spent around $70,000 on prototypes and development with more work needed.

We also were invited to The Ohio State University for a presentation. We were given high marks for this product and were told that we needed clinical studies.

In order to do this we would need additional funding to create these clinical prototypes. If you are interested please contact Tom Davis at 614-578-3595 or you can email me at tdavis2547@aol.com

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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