Now Tap It

by Richard Errera
(Hollywood, FL, USA)

Stop opening and closing bottles and cans! Instead, attach a faucet and make them replaceable cartridges.

Open once and secure to Now Tap It with our self adjusting, collapsible funnel.

Insert, invert, and squirt.

If you can pour it-Now Tap It! From sodas to beers, from liquors to wine, from oils to syrups, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, spices, detergents, lotions, potions-you name it!

Press the spigot, and with faucet precision, dispense at will. There's no waste and that saves money.

No more opening and closing bottles and cans! No more heavy lifting or even having to move them.

Let them stay in the fridge, or on a cabinet shelf, on the table, a counter. Hang it on a wall, a shower stall, or a backyard barbeque fence.

Costing $10-15, contact to license.

My inspiration for this invention came one day, opening many bottles and cans. I realized that this actually was a crude and inefficient way to go about pouring a beverage, a fluid, or an ingredient, particularly one that is used often.

The repetitive opening and closing of bottles and cans and having to pick them up, take them out of a pantry or fridge is an unnecessary burden.

The solution was to invent a gadget to secure most any opened bottle and can, and then dispense it's liquid or granule contents at will, using a spigot (or faucet).

I now have the only patent pending product in the world that can do all this and again, it can be seen at

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