New water saving wheelie bins

by Martin Hayllar

I have invented a new, water saving, Wheelie Bin.

With the bin we are using now it uses 30 to 40 litres of water per bin. Because we all leave the hose in the bin while cleaning the bin.

Then it needs to be pushed over to empty and picked back up again. With this new water saving bin, there is no lifting or tipping over.

Great for the elderly(fragile and people with disabilities)

There are over 40 million bins in Australia, That's a lot of wasted water.

This new bin only uses 30 seconds of water to clean plus you will be able to disinfect your rubbish while it is still in the bin.(plastic bags are going to be gone soon).Help to Stop the stink and maggots.

Just lift the lid and sprinkle your disinfectant over the smelly rubbish and connect the hose to the lid of the bin for approximately 30 seconds the solids remain in the bin and the liquid flows through with out clogging the full bin up.

The water saving comes from using a bucket with your soapy water and broom when the bin is empty. You scrub the empty bin and then connect the hose to the top and flush for approximately 30 seconds.

If you would like to view this new wheelie bin working: simply Google “Martin Hayllar” and a short video will show you how easy it is to use.

I own the standard patent to this new wheelie bin. The bin we have now will not cope when we are rid of the plastic bags (we can't wash it when the rubbish is in it) so we will have a breading platform for all the nasties and smells)

The wheelie bin can be refurbished or a new bin can be made. I have invented a new, water saving, Wheelie Bin.

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