Natural Combinations of Flavors

by Ali Alikarimi
(Isfahan Iran)

I am a researcher with the good commercial ideas and creating about varies of herbal and naturals products such as herbal combination flavors, herbal drugs, herbal supplements, carbonated herbal and natural soft drinks and syrup powder of it and are preparing a real carbonated natural and herbal business plan,

They has nutritious properties and prevention of common diseases non - communicable such as stress, anxiety, premature aging, and chronic fatigue and so on.

I have a lot of natural combination flavors recipes ,that currently do not exist in the international market.

They often used in the beverage industry, chewing gum, wine, chocolate confectionery, ice cream, pharmaceutical and so on.

By using a series of these flavors I have created completely carbonated natural and herbal soft drink recipes without any chemical materials even natural preservatives in them.

They have nutritious properties and prevention of common diseases non - communicable such as stress, anxiety, premature aging, and chronic fatigue and so on.

I need to ideas sponsor in the form of a partner to obtain medical evidence documents from one of the world's leading centers for each of the recipes. I have been reminded of the value of each medical evidence documents of about US $300, 000.00

Best regards


Sincerely Yours sincerely, I ask for cooperation in one of the options, tips, help support, partnership and innovation project management from idea to register herbal combination flavors

Executive Summary highlights the idea:

1. Brief definition: herbal combination flavors are a mixture of at minimum 5 and a maximum of 15 very common essential oils in the world that not single requires clinical trials. So there are medical documents approved by the FDA for them.

2. The mathematical method: This method is used of the factorial considering and number of permutation for percentage from each essential oils in mixed.

In other words, a mixture composed of 5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 herbal essential oil species. Exclusive with different percentages of the amount minimum and maximum of 11 rows of the original formula and each row with regard to the number of permutation of a number of essential oils, they are included on more than 240 thousand herbal combination flavors.

For now, prototypes have 362 herbal carbination flavors of more than 1,300 samples in all-carbonated herbal and natural soft drinks

3. Chemical methods: Due to several major ingredients in each of the flavors that are a maximum of 13 Department of Organic Chemistry
Have physiological effects on the olfactory system and taste the individual flavors

4. Biology approach: I have given the structure of the olfactory system and taste you choose taste and physiological effects of "taste and smell" of substances in the essential oils in both minimum and maximum threshold and has tried to maintain a full recognition of the essential ingredients in the mix privacy thresholds major

5. The cultural method: I have defined using sources with regard to edibles habits and way ahead of every nation and show how sensitive the people of the world to taste ,velocity, bitterness, heat, cold, astringency, and salinity.

6. The method of modern medicine: the essential oils single and in mixture control effects, prevention and treatment of some common non-communicable diseases such as:" prevention and control of prevalent common disease such as: stress, fatigue, weakness, anxiety, loss of the memory, gastrointestinal, obesity, premature aging, narrowing of the arteries and sexual inefficiency.

I've tried to take into account to determine the type and amount of oil in the mixture with respect to existing clinical trials prestigious universities from around the world

7. The method of herbal medicine: By using some of the alkaloids and flavonoids to the amount of food consumed in the mix

8. Technology: lab design setup is done and there is a need to design and build a pilot

9. Marketing: can be reasonably led the takeover of existing markets with given the global trend to healthy and natural edible, plants are recession drinks, chewing gum, Ice cream, chocolate, wine, aromatic water and so on and a team of efficient planning and use Creeping coup tactics to limit competitors wake synthetic

10. Management: The executive team needs to sign attorneys US FDA register, clinical, IP, three states in America that is zero percent tax and idea investors.

In addition, Pharmacognosy, microbiologist, electronics, artificial intelligence, designer beverage industry units, executive director, finance director and accounting, warehousing and property

11. Project Writing has prepared a business plan using the software BP pro universally in 88 takes for two projects (1) herbal combination flavors and carbonated natural and herbal soft drinks per- feasibility study.

12. Communications: By many attorneys have been registered with FDA, clinical trial , innovations, and idea investors, American and municipalities and associations of attorneys register South Carolina: 0.57 percent of home value.

Delaware: 0.55 percent.
Louisiana: 0.51 percent.
Alabama: 0.43 percent.
Hawaii: 0.28 percent.
Cities in America, Mysore in India, manufacturers of machinery in Italy, Russia, Western European and experts, Pharmacognosy, microbiologist, electronics, artificial intelligence, designer beverage industry units in the first-class universities and institutions in the world.

13. My request “My Ideas needs to idea investors with highly experience and very patience
Ali 05/25/2016

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