Multiple Submissions To Infomercial Companies

by John

I have a provisional patent on my poduct idea. I have submitted to Telebrands, and am awaiting a response.

I was wondering if it is adviseable to submit to other companies, or should I hold off until I hear back from Telebrands?

I am not sure if there is a conflict of interest involved. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated...


I don't see any conflict of interest in this case. You can submit to multiple companies and see who has the most interest.

Many times infomercial companies will respond to an inventor who has a product they are interested in very quickly. If there is less interest it can take more time. The more companies that you are submitting to the better your odds for licensing your product.

Good luck with your idea and don't get discouraged if you get a rejection or two. It only takes one company to pick up your idea.

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