Math Toolbox APP / Program for Androids, Notepads and Computer


App Loaded On Notepad

App Loaded On Notepad

This is a Market ready APP I have developed. Mathtoolbox. Has over 13 different App/Programs that can run separately or one at a time in separate APPS.

The market is huge for this opportunity. I have done my homework. The NTF APP is nowhere on any APP store Apple or for Androids. Worldwide Market value.

I say APP/PROGRAM because it can run on your computer from a thumb/flash drive without downloading to the hard drive. So it runs as a APP and Computer program.

I'm looking to License or sell out right to any investor or interested party. My direct number is 256-529-2100 and my email is

I have attached pics showing it already for any android and notepad. There is also a great story behind this project I'm very proud of. There is no product like this one anywhere on the market. Some similar but not what this offers as a APP and a Program.

The NTF Program is super powerful and a huge eye catcher from what it can do. I'm now ready to release this for the lucky investor who wants to purchase outright or license.

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