Majic Lift Shovel/Pitchfork Optimizer

by Frank Amato Jr.
(Selden, NY 11784)

Majic Lift Shovel

Majic Lift Shovel

The "Majic Lift" has overcome the simple old design deficiency as related to modern medical knowledge, of traditional shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks utilizing the advantage of physics concepts. Prior to the addition of the Majic Lift", users risk injury and exhaustion with the primitive design of all traditional shovels, snow shovels and pitchforks.

The "Majic Lift" is truly a universal shovel/ pitchfork performance enhancing, safety attachment or tool handle feature with angle and leverage changing capacity. Simply attach to a shovel, snow shovel or pitchfork set the angle and your body will thank you.

Just think of the benefit of simply pressing down on the garden tool handle to loosen the resistance of sod, roots, rocks, ice etc. This eliminates the need to use force to break the resistance with the traditional lifting.

Once the initial resistance is broken, the recommended lifting using the legs is achievable without the associated straining and injury to the lower back, shoulders, neck and cardiovascular system. It reduces the amount of energy and time needed to do a task as well!

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