Magnetically Attracted Liquid Circulator MALC, Magnetic Siphon Electric Generator MSEG

by Nicholas Calvano
(Sedona AZ USA)

Magnetically Attracted Liquid Circulator

Magnetically Attracted Liquid Circulator

A machine has first, second and third reservoirs, first and second assemblies, and a generator.

The first assembly includes one or more permanent magnetic s and a first magnetic force sufficient to lift a magnetically attracted liquid against the force of gravity through an entrance and towards an exit of the second reservoir.

The second assembly has variable second magnetic force sufficient to be increased so as to attract the magnetically attracted liquid into the third reservoir from the exit of the second reservoir and decreased so as to allow the magnetically attracted liquid to fall under the influence of gravity into an entrance of a third reservoir without a substantial quantity thereof being magnetically attracted by the first magnetic force into the exit of the second reservoir.

The generator produces electricity from the movement under the influence of gravity of the magnetically attracted liquid through the third reservoir for return to the first reservoir.

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