LED and a Device for Mounting

by Dmitrii Semakov
(Russia, St.-Petersburg)

LED Mounting System

LED Mounting System

LEDs are now used in a large number of different devices. From sophisticated instruments, to lighting. But even in the most simple devices such as LED flashlight, LED is usually mounted by soldering.

The proposed design of the LED expands its use to accommodate a variety of devices, and allows you to place the LED and replace it without the help of soldering.

At the moment, an application for useful model is submitted for a design of a LED in the Russian Federation (№ 2014122399). Also an application for the Invention is submitted for a LED and adaptations for its installation in the Russian Federation (№ 2014122391).

There is an opportunity for the international patenting (till June 2015).

More detailed information can be see: http://tfinb.com/252.htm

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