Ladder to Wall Maximum Protection Pad

by Tony Klein
(Freeport,New York)

Max Protection Ladder Pad

Max Protection Ladder Pad

This is a wall protection pad that easily adjusts and installs on the top of any extension ladder.

Whether it be fiberglass, aluminum or wood. I am a contractor for 30 years and when working on delicate walls such as sheetrock, aluminum, cedar, vinyl, acrylic stucco and even paint, ladder boots still leaves damage.

This pad due to the rubber face and it being 32 inches by 10 inches has a large contact area.
So that means greater weight distribution and no damage. The rubber contact also means more safety due to anti-slippling when using the ladder correctly.

This gives the user more confidence when working. The prototype is light weight aluminum, so it is easy to handle the ladder. I have priced them to be made in high strength plastic injection molding. This mean 1/3rd the weight of aluminum and unbelievably inexpensive to produce.

I have 3D-CAD drawing files and the prototype which is in use for anyone to see, who is serious about this item.

We are open to any decent proposal of partner, buy-out or license. My contact until I know it is a serious situation is email.


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